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The digitalnormative

I still have to write up my take in how ‘effects’ in the media sense should be thought of as a framework of invisibility but today I’ve been thinking about something else.

To the extent that contemporary globalNorth societies can be thought of as digital, the analog poses a peculiar problem. If I want to do my banking or get my bills by postal mail I now have to pay. Environmentally this makes sense but it also represents a particular digitalnormativity within our culture. To my mind the analog is represented as a disruption, replaced instead by digital efficiencies and a rhetoric of transformation.

Ironically, despite the growing ubiquity of digital technologies, most hardware and software producers are working harder by the day to replicate the embodied analog experiences that they once sought to replace.

In the face of the alienations of a supposed digital culture I wonder if digitalnormativity is not just an emergent state of invisibility. Through a closer examination we may well find that we do not live in a digital culture after all, just in cultures in which digitalnormativity is but a context of practice.