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Into the (i)Cloud

Further to my earlier post on the mystification of technology as playing in the realm of invisibility, I’d like to consider cloud computing.

One of the main things about computers is that, when networked, we think of them as living inside our homes and opening doors to the outside world. Rarely to we consider how these doors are open – though if you have a PC and run anti-virus software, you probably think a lot more than you’d like about what they let in. 

At the same time, the hardware that plays with and stores much of what we do lives in the little boxes that we take around with us or that sit on/under our desks. But then there’s the cloud.

Cloud computing is not a new idea but is an interesting one that works on a distributed storage model. We don’t need to hold on to everything in one place, particularly if we have many places in which we’d like to access our things. The cloud, of all computing, is a space of invisibility if ever there was one.

With the push to cloud computing we are further entrenching the invisibility of (computing) technology by allowing our (digital) lives to be lived and stored outside of our immediate possession. The a-materiality of it all is a bending of invisibility to an extent that needs much further examination …. maybe by me?