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Harry Potter’s Invisibility … and not just the cloak

I’ve been reading the Harry Potter saga for a few months with my children. We’re finally on the last book (so, to stop you now, DON’T give it away!@)

My son asked me an interesting question. What is this book about, he says. It’s not really about Harry or Voldermort since Voldermort doesn’t really make many live appearances in the book. But I say, yes it’s about them, but both not one or the other. Actually, it’s about the invisible space in between them. Actually, it’s about….Well, it’s about invisibility.

J.K. Rowling, if nothing else, is deeply at play in the realm of invisibility throughout all 7 books. She plays not only on the authors ability to conjure up images in your imagination (sadly disabused by the codification of film), but also in terms of not saying as much as she can. She paints a fantastic picture but one that is full of gaps, gaps of invisibility in which the story takes place in our minds.

Beyond the invisibility cloak that science (fiction) has been trying to replicate for years, J.K. Rowling is among the first of the world’s billionaires whose fortunes were amassed almost solely, in my opinion, by playing in the field of invisibility.