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On the fringe

Today I’ve been thinking about fringes or perhaps better frames of reference or even cores and peripheries. In so doing I was reminded of Roger Silverstone’s last (?) book, Why Study The Media in which he called the porn industry ‘the torn corner of media’s erotic life and our erotic life with our media’ (p 55).

It’s funny how things and ideas can be pushed to the periphery wherein they are forgotten, ignored, abandoned. Some to their detriment, others to their great benefit – a virtual turning of the back, the place we are least able to see.

In the case of porn, in a book called Sex, Bombs & Burgers (Peter Nowak), it was shown how much influence this torn corner of porn has on the overall technological developments in society.

Not a beneficiary of porn? Surely not you.

Have you ever shopped or banked online? The level of encryption used in such services owes a debt if not entire purchase of service agreement to porn. That which lives in the edge of ‘visibility’ – one and a half feet in invisibility and the other half foot not are in a strange position in terms of power and influence.

I must remember to consider then why some of these things end up ‘important’ while others remain fully forgone.