(why) are we fascinated with invisibility?

There are two shows on North American television, one ended, the other just begun called Numbers and Touched that focus on informational patterns in the universe that are there but unseeable outside of mathematics. Patterns, the key to ‘the truth.’

Up until the enlightenment it was okay to say that those patterns were the behest of God. After it was more a matter of science and reasonable explanations. In any event it all comes down to seeing what we can’t, invisibility, for what it is – the key organizational principle of understanding and perhaps life. Bold? Sure but why not. Invisibility is that thing that explains what can’t be explained not for the sake of definition but for sake of acceptance. We don’t need to know why everything works the way it does and sometimes we should accept that any answers we find are co-constructed by the way we look for them. Invisibility can help us figure this out but I would hope not as conquerors but as thoughtful cohabitants.