Is it wrong to talk about ‘private things’?

The short answer is probably – the medium answer is ‘it depends on why they are private.’ The long answer is, well, long.

What I’m talking about in terms of the specific private things I have in mind have to do with click and view tracking, otherwise known (to me at least) as Google Analytics.

If you’re reading this you probably know about the CFP I have on-going. What I can say is that I’ve had a lot of interest and views from all over the world. I can even reveal where and when people viewed the information. It’s fascinating and a bit of an obsession. But it’s the kind of obsession that can’t be shared ‘in mixed company’ I suspect.

I’ve never been one to know what not to say. I say what’s on my mind. Not entirely in the loud and obnoxious way, but in the way that if something is supposed to be uncomfortable and private, it doesn’t make it unimportant or unworthy of discussion. 

Back to google analytics, I’ve had some responses to the CFP to date and some additional inquiries and a few weeks yet to go before the deadline. Apparently someone (or a group of someones) in Berlin love what I have to say and visit my CFP almost daily. Until I hear from them, private they will remain.