So many, well trained, vigilant people only NOW paying attention to Ebola

There is a brutal ‘inside truth’ of the news business that a former colleague once shared with me that burned partly because of the inhumanity of its indifference and the stark reality of its evidence on the making and receiving end; in the news business ‘one dead local white kid is wroth a 1000 dead Ethiopians.’

There are many wicked painful realities that face the world, the whole world, on a regular basis. Sometimes it hard to filter which ones are the most pressing. Perhaps its that we employ a pond ripple approach, the closer we are to the rock that hits the water, the more the ripple moves us directly. This seems to be the case with the increasing spread of Ebola.

A brutal and unforgiving disease, it only seemed to matter regionally here, even as it grew and spread in Africa during the current outbreak. Available for consideration for those of us ‘comfortably away’ but the cause of a few dead others that my colleague described, not yet worthy of concern.

Now that a couple of nurses in Dallas were diagnosed, a few in Spain, and others in various countries outside of the initial zone, the various cracks in what is assumed to be an ‘advanced healthcare system’ and system of people flows is being painfully exposed.

But were these cracks always there?

Why did we not see them until faced with our own mortality?

Are there things that exist in invisibility in perpetuity that we can never see until or unless the circumstances are right, or do they not come into existence expect out of the elements that assemble in invisibility but that require external intervention to be stirred together to create anew?

I’ve been thinking about systems and cracks today.

I looked up a few different Coroner’s and Provincial Inquest findings – it’s amazing how many cracks there are and how many egregious things occur right before our very eyes – eyes bounded by rules, responsibility limits, and liability versus morality conditions.

I have a friend, a nurse, who left the comfort of his home and the love of his wife and 3 small children, and went off to Africa to help in the Ebola impact zone. It is my hope that he sees these cracks and is able to take the care needed to help himself and that will allow him to continue to help others.