The question of ‘fit’

Let’s take for a moment the possibility that ‘fit’ means ‘suited for’ rather than ‘healthy.’ 

When it comes to the notion of fit it’s hard to determine what, if anything, separates two relatively equal ideas or considerations of any sort. Fit is a nuance or subtle sway that distinguishes one thing over another. It is a feeling that one gets; an almost incalculable congruence. 

Fit is a factor of invisibility, or perhaps is better understood as an operationalization of invisibility where what you see, hear, sense and feel align to say, yes, this is the one. I visited very few homes before we bought the one we’re living in. I’ve visited many homes (not for sale) and have lived in far too many homes in my life. I knew what I wanted, even if I couldn’t put it into words. The house we bought was not ideal and didn’t have everything we were looking for, but ‘it fit’ perfectly.

Fit is a fickle thing that is often hard to demonstrate but is nonetheless a powerful determinant of what we pick versus what we don’t. 

I often don’t feel like I ‘fit’ where I am but I’m here anyway. When I fit I feel better and tend to be more productive. But, then again, when I don’t fit, my productivity sometimes increases because I want to try hard to get to somewhere else where I fit better. 

I’m having difficulty with ‘fitting’ invisibility because it isn’t a subject or an object that easily aligns to one thing over another – it’s an all AND rather than a maybe OR. How to you fit something that can be found in everything?